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I have a better understanding of the following:


Education (I studied at four different universities)
Medicine (I graduated from Medical School as a Physician)
Construction, Real Estate, and Housing (I’ve been doing it for over 30 years)


Investments (I started with $200 and in 30 years built a small fortune)

Discipline (one of my teachers was a police major, Chief of the anti-gang squad, and one of his mottos was discipline).

I know the proper answers to the following questions:

What is disease? What is crime? What is causing each, and why is it happening?

What is punishment? What is causing it, and why is it happening?

Why have government bureaucracies grown at an exponential rate, with a decrease in services, while government corruption runs rampant?

Do any of the top candidates know the correct answers to any of these questions? What have they accomplished?

For Ferguson, see the following:

For Reichert, see the following: "It's the Green River, Stupid: Part 2, the really creepy parts"

"It's the Green River, Stupid: Part 2, the really creepy parts
He got elected based on Green River, when in fact, he didn't solve it and he didn't win against Gary Ridgway."

Accomplishment is not getting elected, moving up a ladder by being connected or a puppet, becoming a government employee, and building empires of bureaucrats staffed by people who contribute to the campaigns of politicians. Accomplishment is overcoming difficulties and adversities when the odds are stacked against you, when you work more than 7 days a week, including a lot of labor. And when, 30 years later, you find out that you accumulated more wealth than the so-called “top four” contenders combined, they pale in comparison: They raised more money (large donors imply corruption), while I have self-funded so far and owe no favors to anybody. They are forever politicians, careerists, and government employees with non-existent business experience and no real clue on what to do. They claim they do, but they don’t.

The Attorney General’s policies have contributed to corruption and resulted in numerous sanctions for public disclosure violations and other sanctions resulting in the largest tort judgment against the state in history for the OSO Mudslide Disaster. He has unnecessarily intimidated any business that he could. And now he’s going to change? On the other side, you have a sheriff/cop who ran King County police for 30+ years and falsely claims to have single-handedly caught a serial killer after over 20 years of failures, when his own supervisors and co-workers say he hindered the investigation rather than helped it. The county’s crime rate is crazy – his legacy?

The politicians that have been in charge of this state for the last 30 years had absolutely no vision. That's why no matter who got elected, things were not improving. Because the new ones were just as blind as the ones they replaced. Vision is not a goal or something that gets cooked up in one's head. It's the ability to see what's not obvious or visible.

Plan of Action:

The ultimate goal is to have free healthcare as an option, in addition to the current system. At a minimum, there should be plentiful cheap and/or donation-based alternative healthcare options; preventive and prophylactic medicine established. A comprehensive education reform will be introduced. The emphasis should be on the upbringing of children and their education from kindergarten. There should be education about family life, and trades should be taught in later schooling years. The best and the brightest would be sought out and brought forward for teaching and other kinds of work.

Crime and lawlessness, like anything else, is a multifaceted problem; some of it is visible and some is not.
a. On one hand, the situation is artificially created and promoted by the people in charge, so that the population is very busy dealing with this NONSENSE and won't have time to pay attention to how corrupt the politicians are so they can continue to rip us off, inflate prices and taxes, and enslave us more.
b. They also claim that they can hire more police officers quickly and get rid of crime. Well, after de-funding the police, the cops have very little trust in them and so won't rush in to get hired.
c. One has to understand what crime is and what's causing it to clamp it down. They have no clue. I will introduce a philosophy of crime prevention, reform the Department of Corrections, mandate education for inmates, overhaul compensation and restitution for victims, etc. And on day one in office, you will see real changes happening. If and when I find out about public officials engaged in corruption, I will use the governor’s constitutional right to declare an emergency and instruct the Attorney General to prosecute those who are offending.

I know how to get things done with little money and will look at the budget and remove all the fluff and use the excess funds to pay off the tolls, cut the cost of car tabs, and lower high gas prices. When I am elected, I will ask for the resignation of every appointed employee. Then I will carefully re-evaluate each position to determine which ones need to be filled. I will evaluate property taxes and see if those can be lowered. I understand housing better than any candidate and will find all kinds of solutions to make housing costs more affordable. This state will become business-friendly and will attempt to bring back Boeing, Amazon, and other businesses that left. There will be more freeways and roads built. Most problems will dissipate on their own and rather quickly with the right policies and discipline. The incentives to behave badly will be removed. Bloated patronage bureaucracies will be eliminated, and savings passed on to the taxpayers in the form of increased services and lower taxes. The incentives to behave badly will be removed for all crimes. There should be prosecution of public officials who have betrayed the public trust through corruption. There will be NO MORE NONSENSE anywhere in the state.

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