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Doctor's Desk

Medical Freedom, More Healthcare Choices, Innovation, and Creation

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a free healthcare system for all without additional taxation or financial burden on the people. However, immediate action is needed to implement the following minimum steps:

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Here is what we propose:

Create and Allow Alternative Healthcare Options

Fund these options through donations, discounts, and innovative financial models. We need to open the door to diverse healthcare solutions beyond the current system.

Introduce Preventive and Prophylactic Medicine

It's time we focus on preventing illness, not just treating it. Preventive care should be a cornerstone of our healthcare system.

Establish a Medical Research Facility

This facility will focus on folk medicine and alternative remedies, issuing clear and trusted opinions for public use. Let’s harness the wisdom of traditional practices and integrate them into modern healthcare.

Leverage Foreign-Trained Doctors

Allow foreign-trained doctors to consult with citizens from their respective countries. This will help alleviate wait backlogs and provide culturally competent care.

Keep Lawyers Out of Medicine

Attorneys should not prescribe medicine or manage medical outfits. Government interference in personal medical treatment choices must end.

Organize the First-Ever Open Worldwide Medical Championships

Let's find cures for various diseases through global competition. Innovation thrives on challenge and collaboration.

Alan’s Prize: $500,000 for the Best Cure of Common Cold, Flu, and Pneumonia!

We’re putting our money where our mouth is. The first person or team to develop a cure for the common cold, flu, or pneumonia will receive a $500,000 prize. Let’s incentivize groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Promote Mental Health Awareness and Support

Mental health is just as important as physical health. We need to destigmatize mental health issues, increase access to mental health services, and integrate mental health care into our overall healthcare system.

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