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High Taxes, Prices, Crime, Squatters, and Government Waste: Elimination and Reduction

Our goal is to eliminate wasteful spending, reduce unnecessary regulations, and address key issues impacting our communities. Here are the initiatives to tackle high taxes, prices, crime, squatters, and government waste:

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Eliminate All Nonsense

Our first step is to eliminate all nonsensical regulations and policies that contribute to inefficiencies and burdens on our citizens. This will pave the way for more focused and effective governance.

Lower High Gas Prices, Taxes, and Overall Costs

We will analyze spending, prioritize essential expenditures, and eliminate wasteful spending. This includes addressing the abuse of landlords, store owners, operators, and law enforcement by incompetent politicians. Until these issues are resolved, prices will remain out of touch with reality.

Reduce and Eliminate Crime, Homelessness, and Squatting

Starting on day one, we will implement swift measures to reduce crime, homelessness, and squatting. Progress will be reviewed every 30 days to ensure accountability and effectiveness. Government overreach, excessive regulation, and bureaucracy, along with corruption, will be targeted and dismantled.

Address Climate Issues and Discrimination

We will tackle climate change proactively and address discrimination and bias at every level of society. Our approach will be comprehensive and inclusive, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

Assess and Eliminate Unnecessary Governmental Entities

Every governmental entity will be assessed for necessity. Those that do not serve a critical function will be eliminated to streamline operations and reduce taxpayer burden.

Eliminate Toll Bridge to Gig Harbor

The toll bridge to Gig Harbor will be eliminated. We will evaluate budgets to pay off other toll bridges, ensuring that transportation is affordable for all residents.

Lower Car Tabs Prices for All Washington Residents

Car tab prices will be reduced across the state, including for residents of Pierce, Snohomish, and King counties. This will alleviate financial pressure on vehicle owners.

Improve Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

We will implement strict fiscal responsibility measures and enhance transparency in government spending. Every dollar spent will be accounted for, and wasteful expenditures will be cut.

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