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Education is of Paramount Importance and will be Overhauled

Our education system is the foundation of our future, and it requires a comprehensive overhaul to ensure every student receives a high-quality education. Here are the key initiatives to reform and improve our education system:

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Standardize Education Across All Schools

We will establish uniform standards for all public and private schools. This ensures that students transferring from one school to another will not miss any critical material. Raising the standard of learning is essential to provide a consistent and high-quality education for all students.

Balance Between Parents and Teachers with Clear Rules and Discipline

A balanced approach between parental involvement and teacher authority is crucial. Mainstream education should cater to the majority of students, while high achievers and slow learners should have tailored programs. Specialty education should be provided in separate institutions to prevent conflicting interests and ensure focused learning.

Evaluate and Replace Incompetent Leadership

All chief positions in the education system will be evaluated. Those found to be incompetent or biased will be replaced with qualified, unbiased leaders who can drive meaningful improvements.

Reassess the Necessity of 12 Years of Secondary Schooling

We will review the current requirement of 12 years of secondary education and consider shortening it to 10 years. This allows students to enter higher education or vocational training sooner, better preparing them for their future careers.

Introduce Trade and Life Skills Education in Later Years

Trade skills and family life education, including the responsibilities of parenting, will be introduced in the later years of schooling. This equips students with practical skills and knowledge for real-world success.

Increase Support for Special Education

Special education programs will be strengthened and expanded to meet the needs of students requiring specialized instruction. This ensures all students receive the support they need to succeed, regardless of their learning challenges.

Enhance Vocational and STEM Education

We will prioritize and expand vocational and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education programs. These fields are crucial for future job markets and technological advancements, ensuring students are well-prepared for high-demand careers.

Promote Community and Parental Involvement

Active involvement of parents and the community is essential for a successful education system. We will encourage greater participation through regular communication, community events, and programs that engage parents in their children's education.

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